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About Us

Viva hair & beauty is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service.





mon     closed                         
tue       closed
wed      9.-2.
thurs     9.00-7.00  
fri         9.00-4.00   
sat       9.00-4.00     
sun      closed         
Hair prices:
Long hair cut & finish   £19-£25
Short hair cut & finish  £16.50-£19
Wet, dry cut                   £11-£13
Restyle                          £22-£27
Blow dry                        £7.50
Straightening                £10-£12     Curling      £12.50-£18
Childs cut                      £5.-£8.
All colour & perm prices are from & incl cut & finish, A 24hour patch test is required on your first visit for scalp application!
Perms                           £32.50-£38.50    Long £55
Full head Foils from     £50
Half head foils from      £45
Parting foils                  £41.50
Full head tint from        £41-£49
Re-growth (roots)        £39.50
Re-growth & foils         £47.50-£65.50
Full head tint & foils    £59-£70
Conditioning treatment      £10
Beauty prices:
The quickest and still the most effective way to remove unwanted hair.
 Half leg                          £10         
 Full leg                          £18      
 Bikini                             £8    
 Underarm                     £6.50      
Those little touches to make you look & feel better about yourself.
I-lift lashes.                   £35.
Viva's 5 step brows    £15. wax,tweezer,thread,trim & tint
Brow wax                      £6          
Brow tint                       £7.50
Lash tint                       £7.50
Brow & lash tint            £12
Brow wax & tint             £12
Brow wax, brow & lash tint £16
Eyelash extensions    £58.      infills   £20
Myscara                       £25.            
 patch test is needed 24 hours prior to tinting or adhesive procedure
Hand's & Feet
Manicure                     £15.
Pedicure                       £22.
File & paint                  £6
Hollywood toes            £22
Trendy toes               £15
Nail extensions            £30 (Gel,Silk or Acrylic)
Overlays                       £25
Infills                              £20
Repaires                      £3.50
Gel polish                      £15
 Holitsic Treatments.
Priadara these products contain natural botanical plant & herbal extracts, essential oils of the highest quality, rare & exotic seed oils & vitamin therapy to condition, balance & repair your skin.
Mini facial  incl, cleanse, tone exfoliate, moisturise.  £20
Deep cleanse  inc, cleanse,tone,exfoliate,mask,moisturise £24
Deep cleanse with massage, inc, as above with neck & shoulder massage  £28
 Rose quartz facial £45,(incl chakra balance)
this luxury facial uses rose quartz crystals to stimulate circulation & promote cell growth, this has a positive effect on the body, mind & soul. rose quartz works gently on the energy pathways & releases tension & emotional stress 1hour
Cryssage crystal facial £45
Cryssage is a unique combination of priadara massage techniques incorporating smooth crystals that you will love!!
Using warm crystals this luxury facial is relaxing, comforting, balancing & intensives relaxation. the skin feels cleansed, sort & balanced. this is truly a relaxing treatment. 1hour
 Back massage   £19, 30mins
 Hot stone/thai compress massage £50.    
 Hot stone/thai compress  back massage £20.
hot stone/thai therapy can help in the treatment of many conditions.
the benefits are, deep relaxation, circulation is improved, toxins are eliminated, the heat can relive pain in muscles & joints, it mat help reduce stress, tension,anxiety & depression. 1hour 30mins
Hot stone body massage & luxury facial         £70
2hours 30mins
 Thai seated back massage £25
the aim of thai seated massage is to release toxins from the joint, muscles & connective tissue this stimulates energy flow by gentle pressure on specific energy points. this helps to relive tension within the body. 30mins
 Indian head massage   £20.
is a excellent stress buster, both relaxing & uplifting it is good for clearing the head & easing tense shoulders, head massage revitalises the whole body, rebalancing the energy flow to the body creating a feeling of peace & wellbeing 30mins
 Hopi ear candling   £20.
ear candling is a treatment to choose if you have, sinus problems, tinnitus, a build up of ear wax, history of ear infections, frequent colds, coughs, or viral infections, headaches,stress, or ear problems from frequent flying or swimming. this treatment is very relaxing & incl a pressure point facial.
Thai foot massage  £20
Thai hand massage £15
The main focus of thai massage is to regain balance in the flow of energy in the body. The benefits of a thai hand or foot massage are to free blockages in energy flow, facilitate relaxation, give a feeling of well being-assisting in balancing body,mind & spirit, heighten awareness, invigorates the nervous system, & improves circulation.
Reiki          £25.
Reiki means "universal life force energy" Reiki is a technique for stress reduction & relaxation that may also promote healing. The treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through & around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind & spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation & feel of pease, security & wellbeing. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, some feel a slight tingling or a sensation of warmth or just a deep relaxation feeling, some see colours, & some just fall asleep.
Salt body scrub     £15. (inc body moisturiser)
Make-up application  £15
Spray tan                    £15
Myscara is a safe, eye friendly lash coating, it has a similar effect to mascara but lasts 2-3 weeks before coating starts to wear off.
It won't smudge no matter how much you get them wet.
It is aimed at natural lashes but can be used with semi-permanent lashes if applied during the procedure.
The treatment takes around 30 minutes 1-2 coats gives a natural look  & 3-4 coats for a thicker more dramatic look.
Eyelash extensions, creates longer fuller lashes, this is a fantastic semi- permanent method of creating longer, fuller, glamorous lashes that feel comfortable, & are virtually weightless.
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